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FUCK THE CRISIS! Fuck ANY crisis! Work ONCE, get paid FOR LIFE!
With our naked chest...against The Crisis! :) videochat webcam erotic sex xxx porn porno adult entertainment industry big boobies tities niples amateur girl chick ladies naked
"Sexy marketing & Adult marketing on Internet" is No.1 ebook about making money online with the Adult Industry!
Don't believe it?
Ask Google! Or, better...ask the Big Players of Adult Entertainment Online!!!

UPDATES: From 2015, I am the organiser of - the Adult Industry Summit and - the #MostVotedAward from Adult Industry (Spain), where you are invited to meet some of the biggest names from adult entertainment (cam models & porn stars, cam studios & porn producers, webmasters, affiliates, payments, hosting, mobile, etc).

From The Crisis Fucker's desk,
Updated: January 20th, 2018.

Dear Crisis-Fighter,

1. Watch my video!
In this video you see me interviewing & introducing my ebook to some of the BIGGEST players of the Adult Industry in the world, VIPs that you see at all the biggest Adult Webmasters events from Europe, Canada, Asia & USA! Beside that, in my Free Reports you'll get others pictures and reviews that I got for my ebook from many other Big Names of Adult Entertainment!

2. DOWNLOAD my FREE Reports (small ebooks in .PDF format) about how to make money online with Adult Industry!

Jobs4Adults introduces you to A LOT of different "business models on Internet" that can be done by ANYBODY working from HOME. I offer you some of my ideas for FREE, so you can see with your own eyes that REAL money can be done in the "virtual world" of Internet!

WE CAN create jobs for us!
YES, we can! :)

The most painful lesson from this Crisis is that we can't rely anymore on big companies, governements, politicians or economists in getting a...simple job! These days it's more clear than EVER, that the most realistic is to try to CREATE YOUR OWN JOB through a small business: the probability to succeed through a small business started on your own is NOWADAYS MUCH bigger than to find a job! Finding a job IS NOT anymore an easy thing!!!

Porn is not for everybody! Sexy Marketing is for some! Internet Marketing is for ALL!

Porn & Adult Entertainment Industry

I don't believe that Porn is "the only solution" for this world to get out of Crisis. I don't dream to a world where everybody produces and/or sell only Porn! I do believe in a world of DIVERSITY where anybody offers something that our society needs, in a climate of full Legality & Respect.

For Sinners Only! In Adult We Trust! Learn the prayers and see your earnings going up to the Holly Sky! The Adult Webmaster Bible ...there is only ONE! From now on, you don't need to ask God for cash, we'll teach you how to get it EASY! ;)

Adult Entertainment is much more than Porn!
Beside porn, Adult Entertainment includes: adult or non-erotic
videochat, adult dating, books about sexual education, relationship or erotica, medicine, sex toys, sexy lingerie, magazines, etc! I can teach you how to start your own business promoting ANY of these products or even CREATING YOUR OWN PRODUCTS & much more!

Sexy Marketing
Why so many TV or Magazine commercials for cars, holidays or even food, use so many "sexy people"? Because "Sexy Marketing" sells! It really hurts me to see so many Attractive Girls (or Boys) working as bartenders or shop-sellers for 1000€$/month, when they can have their own business online and profit a few times their salaries! My ebooks are the first in the world to write about "Sexy Marketing on Internet" and I explain how this methods can be used in promoting Adult Entertainment products OR any kind of products: music, movies, fashion items, concert tickets, laptops, phones, etc!

Internet Marketing

While in "Sexy Marketing" I teach sexy people how they can make money by advertising/selling ANYTHING on internet, in my ebooks you can understand also the main principles of General Internet Marketing, where anybody (regardless of his/her physical appearance) can sell everything (houses, cars, software, etc).

As you can see, if you were searching for ways of doing money online, than you were searching for ME!

Quit your job, work from home!

Working from home on Internet for yourself has lots of advantages. In "our case": more money & more sex! :) La vita es bella!

Who can do this business? Only (young & beautiful) girls? Only body-builders men?

ANYBODY can do it (regardless age, race, sexual orientation, etc)!
Only 1 rule: minimum 18 years old (or 21 in some countries) to be considered an ADULT!
Important: In my ebooks I analyse MANY examples of Business Models, and in the great majority of them you don't even have to undress, show yourself or give any public details about your person. The Adult Industry is much more than "the people that you see naked or filmed while having sex", behind them there are many other "respectable jobs & businesses" (webmasters, writers, advertisers, affiliates, traffic providers, etc.) Find the business model that best fits you!

The "autopilot business model" - Work ONCE, get paid FOR LIFE!
- What does it mean?

In the "traditional way of working" (also in the "traditional Adult Industry"), you get paid, only while you're working (or you get paid ONE TIME for your videos, pictures, products or for your work)! Once you stop working (you get sick, you are fired or you don't feel like waking up one morning :), you don't get paid anymore! You don't believe me?????????

In my Business Models, once you set up some sites, you get endless profits from what you've once worked (with no or almost nothing to work in maintainance)! People can learn how to create their products & services and sell them as many times they want and how to sell others' companies products (also during their sleep, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week & 365 days/year)!

Remember: The businesses on Internet & Money, NEVER sleep, pal!

Example 1:

If an average porn star plays in a movie for a big Porn Producer company, gets a few thousands dollars for it ($2000-5000) and THAT'S ALL! But if she/he uses my knowledges & Internet, can get this amount only from 200-500 customers at a $10 price/movie. How much money can he/she make from the same ONE movie if they manage to sell it to 1 million customers????
At least teoretically, if you create 1 movie (or another product) and you upload it to a site which doesn't delete your video or doesn't go out of business, than the only job you have to do is to collect the checks or getting your money from ATM.

I also teach them how to promote other people's products and services and earn big COMMISSIONS FOR LIFE, so they can have different strings of income FOR LIFE!

Example 2:
The "classic example" is a Membership Site who has an average fee of $29/month for its subscribers and which offers 50% commissions for its sellers. If you start to promote this site and convince to subscribe & pay 100 customers for 5 years, you get
$14.5 X 100 = $1450/month during 5 years
Total = $1450 X 12 months X 5 years = $ 87.000  (not bad!)

How much you get for 1000 or 1 000 000 customers/subscribers who stay 7 or more years on the sites you promote??????????

Can you really "Fuck The Crisis" promoting Adult Entertainment Industry online?

Many business you start online (in the Internet Marketing area), can be of great help in fighting against ANY crisis, especially now when EVERYTHING moves to online (sales for everything, newspapers, ebooks - digital books, work online, etc)! I really believe that working for others at "9 till 5 normal jobs" makes you more exposed to economic turbulences like high rate of unemployment!

Create your own job! Be your own boss...Be your best worker...Be your own company...

Make your own destiny!

Adult Webmaster Business magazine Interview - Feb, 2011
Webmaster Bible Interview, published in the German magazine
Adult Webmaster Business
(the biggest adult webmaster magazine for the German market),
January, February & March 2011
In January issue, my picture was on the 1st cover! ;)

As you can read in the newspapers articles that I show you in my Free Reports, Adult Industry is "a huge multi-billions dollars" business per year, and with the help of Internet & Internet Marketing techniques, you can cut your slice of The Big Cake! Just give it a try & see with your own eyes how much can be done!

If you like my FREE Reports, than maybe you would be interested in learning more from my ebook:                      
                          "Adult Webmaster Bible - Sexy marketing & Adult marketing on Internet"!                                            

My ebook contains 2 different themes:

1. Sexy Markeing - the FIRST ebook about "Sexy Internet Marketing"!

You still don't understand why the commercials use "Sexy people"? Because "Sex sells" & "Sexy sells even more"! Sad, but true (For whom?), (sometimes) a Sexy Seller can do MUCH better than a Professional Seller. And when a Good Physical Appearance is combined with some Selling Knowledges, we can have a Killer Seller! :)

All the televisions, bars, night clubs, shops, etc. want sexy employees to deal & seduce their Public & Customers. I've seen many extremelly sexy (boys, girls, transexuals) desperatelly searching for jobs in Advertising, or Public Relation and getting low or NO attention from companies. I've seen many sexy people working in bars for indecently salaries of 1000€$/month or even less...MySpace, YouTube, Bebo & FaceBook are FULL with people whose pictures look better than many well known actors or models, and many of them are struggling to monetize on the capital of symphaty & fans, but they seem not to find the right way...

So, I thought to myself....what a wonderful world....would be IF these Sexy People could find, a guide about how they can transform in money their power to attract people, but without entering in the Adult Industry. I've graduated Informatics Highschool (1997) & University business studies specialising on Marketing (2001) with a diploma about "Businesses on Internet", and since 2005 I've started to write different ebooks about Internet Marketing (how to make money online working from home), so...BINGO: It came to me the idea of creating THE FIRST ebook about "Sexy Internet Marketing" - how good looking people can make money on Internet by advertising different products: flowers, mobiles, music, movies, cars, houses, etc!!! The ebook was suposed to have some very important characteristic: easy to understand & easy to apply even by people who don't know much about computers & Internet! In fact, what is needed is real basic Internet skills like: sending Emails & using Social Media (Social Networks, Blogs, Forums, etc).

Don't believe me that I am really the first to write about "Sexy Marketing on Internet"? Ask Google, Yahoo, MSN, or better, to save yourself some time, ask Mr Philip Kotler - The God of Marketing from all the times!

Note: "Sexy Marketing" has nothing to do with Adult Industry! There are 2 different domains, although they both contain the word SEX & both can turn us on...But, of course that they can be combined! :)

2. Adult Marketing - the MOST COMPLETE ebook about how to make money online with Adult Industry!

I've always been a Marketer (I've studied marketing, I love it and worked mainly as Seller & Public Relation), an Internet addict and a Recreational Porn User...In 2008-2009 I was preparing my "best of" book about Internet Marketing when Crisis came...I've started to use so much the word "Fuck!" and other pornographic words, that one day I said: "Fuck! Fuck this Crisis! I should write a book about how to fuck the crisis with Adult Industry on Internet!", especially that Adult Industry was one of the least immoral & guilty industries for the Crisis...

As a Natural Born Philosopher, Life Learner & Economist, during Crisis I've started to ask myself simple questions like "Which were the sources of Crisis?", "Which are the Solutions?" and ended up with a pretty one: "What is Morality?"

The answers for the 1st and 3rd questions are: I preffer a prostitute from the street who is honest with his/her clients, than a
"bank-financial advisor" who cheats his/her clients and puts them on the streets, or a corupted politician!  

As about the Solutions: people have to forget about "easy to find jobs" times! THERE ARE NOT ANYMORE EASY TO FIND JOBS! Nowadays, people have ONLY THESE OPTIONS: to become free lancers (to offer their services on their own terms), to start small businesses or to get commission based work (which is in fact, also a business)! No other option!!!

Milton Fridman & his friends from Chicago were not totally right: Capitalism brought Freedom, but only the Political one! In all the forms of Capitalism, people end up in the Karl Marx' social classes: Workers-Slaves & Capitalists-Exploiters! Comunists were right about the Results of Capitalism, but they were still not able to offer solutions! And the solution is not "to offer a minimum income to everybody" (including those whose preferred job is "beer, football & TV"), but to distribute the Wealth in a more fairly way according to anybody's contribution and always by using a motivating system!

The solution is, as I said: self-employment, starting a business or commission based jobs! ONLY this way the Humanity can make the next step to the Economic Freedom! Easy to say, but more difficult to be done...Also before the Internet, there were and still are many opportunities to start commission based businesses (Oriflame, Avon, Cars & Life Insurance, Nutrition products, etc.) but Internet pushed the limits of these kinds of small businesses TO THE SKY!!!! We hear about the WWW that is "changing our lives" because we send emails all over the world, we can meet, chat & see friends from everywhere, we can share music, upload videos, access information.....BUT, the biggest Internet Revolution is already here: working on Internet, and even better - starting your own small business
on internet (which can grow really BIG!), from your home, easy to understand and without difficult steps to follow!

So, the solution to all the Crisis & Unfair Capitalism?
                                                                                There is only one: Internet Marketing!

Note: As you can see, I never said that "Porn is the only solution to fuck the crisis!" No! Porn, or the bigger Adult Industry, can be a solution for some, but only for those who know how to do it and especially how to SELL IT! (Because when it comes to making sex, we are all ...super-experts! :)

Sexy Marketing on Internet, How to make money online, The Internet Marketing of Adult Entertainment Industry, Porn stars make profits online, How to make Videochat, Girls & Boys for webcam modelling, Fighting the Crisis.

The level of ebook is "Beginner & Medium" and is destined to:
(Adults - people with minimum 18 years old, or the age to be considered adult in the country where the ebook is bought.)

- Beginners in Internet Marketing - people who want to learn the Basics of Make Money Online working from home (although the ebook is focused on Sexy & Adult Marketings).

- affiliates or people who want to start their own affiliate program;

- adult Bloggers, Webmasters, Forums & Social Networks administrators;

- Amateurs - home video/pictures/videoshows producers who try to make a honest buck by selling their glam/porn on Internet;

- Exhibitionists - who share themselves for pleasure, not for money, but wouldn't mind to make also some money (especially if it's very easy);

- (Illegal) Sharers - users who copy & share other people's videos, which mostly is done illegally...They can learn how to do it legally & how to make big bucks while they share (so they can mix pleasure with business:)!

- Porn Stars (beginners or well known) who want to learn how they can earn more from their work using Web 2.0 Marketing, how to establish themselves fast as world wide known brands & how to better control their success. You don't need a big producer company behind to became the new Jena Jameson or Rocco Sifredi...Internet is ENOUGH!

- The general book readers who are looking to broaden their horizons on Internet consumers & business trends, Porn Culture, Adult Industry, Sex Education, with a funny & easy reading which doesn't miss to add also some ingredients like Political corectness, Philosophy, Morality, Respect, Law, Crisis & Freedom.

Why my ebook is better than the other resources (including ebooks, blogs & forums) available?

During the creation of my ebook, I've studied A LOT of resources available in this area (many you'll see them in my ebooks), both online & offline, both free & paid, in order to make sure that I come to the market with THE BEST GUIDE! NO 1!!!

On Google you'll find many free or paid materials about "how to make money online with Adult Industry", but here is why I'm better than all:

- all these resources (blogs, articles, forums, reports, books & ebooks) can show you some business models, some tips & tricks, but aren't able to offer you the Panoramic View over the Adult Industry Online, like I do!

- many of these materials, have no author, or the person who created them is totally unknown inside the Industry!
You can see here and in my ebooks how many VIPs from the Industry I've personally interviewed, explained my products to, asked for advices & received feedback! I am a REAL & KNOWN person, not just another "business on automatic pilot" who claims that they are able to teach you how to "get rich quick on Internet", although nobody knows them!

- in the niche of "ebooks about making money online with Adult Industry", there are only a FEW infoproducts! See who their authors are, how known are in the Industry, how they advertise their businesses, what prices they ask and what they have to offer, and you'll understand why practically I HAVE NO COMPETITORS!!!

- the majority of these "Gurus of getting rich online" make money ONLY by selling their books! My business model is much more complex than this and it includes many Joint Ventures with Big Players from Make Money Online Industry or Adult Industry!

- I've tried to offer more than "just another infoproduct about earning bucks online with Adult", so I've written also about issues like Morality, Sexual Health, the social implications of Adult Industry, the PROs & the CONs, and always offering tips about how these business models can be also used outside the world of Adult Industry. "Sexy marketing & Adult marketing on internet" is a book firstly about Marketing on Internet, and secondly about Adult Industry.

- ALL my competitors do like this: first they ask you to give them money, then they offer you their products!
What do you do if you are not satisfied with their product??? What if their product doesn't help you to earn any money?
I am different again: I offer you for FREE some reports/ebooks about business models that you can analyse & understand what my products are about, and after you try what you learn from my free materials, if you earn money, then you can decide if you want to learn more by spending some money to get my ebook! What can be more fair than this???


1. Free Help
- will be offered ONLY to people who can prove that they can follow instructions & get results! I will not help people who ask me how to start a computer or how to send an email, or to surf WWW...So, I can help only the people that can help themselves, who can make profits alone from my ebooks. What I can do is to help them to earn MORE & FASTER!

2. Proofs of making millions on Internet.
- it's a Report (PDF document, 17 pages) about well known cases of real people who made MILLIONS OF DOLLARS starting small businesses online, beside Adult Industry. More stories with them are available on internet, newspapers, they appeared also on tv, radio REAL PEOPLE!!! It's a report about general Internet Marketing for those who dislike adult industry.

3. Sponsors list (with FREE monthly updates)
- most profitable programs to make money online
(PDF document, 11 pages);

4. Traffic list
(with FREE monthly updates)
- best ways to attract visitors (potential customers) to your sites
(PDF document, 10 pages).

5. Professional Webcamsex with LiveJasmin
- how to make professional videochat with the number 1 "live sex" site
(PDF document, 14 pages).

Buy the ebook here:
99 $

"Sexy marketing & Adult marketing
on Internet" - the ebook that will change the face of Adult Industry!

(the ebook is a PDF format document of 180 pages, that can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader, available for free on Internet. After finishing the payment process with Credit card or Paypal, you will receive your ebooks in your email! If you experience any problem, contact me at jobs4adults (at) gmail (.) com and I reply in 24-48 hours.)
Latest Updates of all the ebooks:
January 20th, 2018
Due to the digital nature of the products being sold, refunds are not offered.


- You don't understand what I'm selling.
Check my free Reports for more details. If you don't understand anything, than my ebook can't help you more!

- You don't believe that I can teach people to make money online with Adult Industry.
Check my free Reports. If you can't make money with any of the business models from there, than almost for sure you will not be able to do it with my ebook & other reports.

- You think that you'll become millionaire or get "financial freedom" after 2-3 days of buying, reading & using the lessons from my ebook.
Some persons who are already in this business (have a site, blog, video channel, etc. with some good traffic) can get very fast results by applying my ideas, but the newbies and people who start their business from zero, cannot get results without WORK and some TIME. Also in the Business of Porn, we still preach "the old values": Work, Dedication & Seriosity!
                                                         I am not selling "get rich fast" schemes / scams / illusions!!!!
But still, in my ebook you can see MANY examples of people who made more money, faster, easier & safer than in
the "traditional ways" of doing businesses!!!

- You intent to buy my ebook just to ask for the refund after a few minutes by saying that I do "false advertising" or that the business models from my ebook "can't produce profits" or any other invented reason.
You want things for free from me? You're welcome to have my free Reports! But don't try to "steal" also my ebook by asking refunds for "invented reasons"! The customers who ask for refunds, beside making me to lose time & nerves, they make me lose money (because I have to pay the banking transfer fees & the Payment processor fees), and, worst of all, destroys my partnership with the Payment Service Provider (who doesn't want sellers with high rate of refund requests). I can even be forced to search another Payment Provider, meanwhile I lose money for the days that I can't process sales! So, in fact, the customers who ask for refunds, create me much bigger financial loses! All the free reports that I offer, all the reviews that I have from VIPs of the Adult & Internet Marketing Industry and the way my business is advertised & structured, are enough to guarantee that I deliver VALUE for the money that I ask so it is obviously that in these conditions the people who still ask for refunds, are "bad intended customers" (THIEVES!).

Try my Free Reports, and after you make at least $100 and see that real money can be LEGALLY done ON A LONG TERM from my business models, then buy my ebook!
I preffer 10 sales per day, made by good & honest customers, than 100 per day with 50 "thieves" asking for refunds.

Adult Webmaster Bible - In Adult We Trust!

Fire your boss & Work for your balls!
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